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Crystal Magic

This course is ideal for beginners and includes:

  • Welcome Module: A warm introduction to the fascinating realm of crystals.
  • Introduction to Crystals?: Dive into the basics and discover the foundational aspects of crystal energy.
  • 10 Best Crystals for Beginners: Unveil our top picks for those starting their journey with crystals.
  • How to Cleanse Your Crystal: Learn the art of purifying your crystals to maintain their potent energy.
  • Activating and Caring for Your Crystals: Discover how to unlock and preserve the energy of your crystals.
  • The Crystal Gift Guide: A bonus section with expert advice on choosing crystals as thoughtful gifts.

"The Crystal Magic" course is perfect for you if you're at the beginning of your crystal journey, offering comprehensive insights into how to incorporate them into your life for healing, aligning with your chakras, and enhancing your daily practices, including tips on activation and cleansing.

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