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Welcome to The Clarity Circle, Your Portal to a Transformative Coaching Path

Step into the realm of The Clarity Circle, our exclusive learning platform designed for those embarking on or advancing their journey in life coaching. With a suite of carefully curated courses, from foundational coaching techniques to advanced business and marketing strategies, The Clarity Circle serves as a comprehensive preview of what's possible when you commit to enriching your coaching practice.

Within The Clarity Circle, coaching emerges as a deeply fulfilling calling, extending beyond the conventional bounds of a career. We're dedicated to offering not only the highest quality educational resources but also steadfast support and mentorship, ensuring you have everything you need to flourish in your coaching endeavors.

Eager to elevate your ability to empower others and forge a successful life coaching career? Embark on your journey with The Clarity Circle. Explore our courses to find the perfect fit for your aspirations, and take the first step towards transforming your passion into a profession. Click on a course that resonates with your soul, and begin your journey to becoming a life coach today.

Available Products

Becoming Your Authentic Self

Dive into the transformative experience of our "Becoming Your Authentic Self" course, meticulously designed for those at the beginning of their personal development journey. Priced at an affordable £111.00, with the flexibility to spread the cost over three months, this course is your gateway to a life filled with purpose, love, and abundance.

Crystal Magic

Embark on an enchanting journey with our "Crystal Magic" course, meticulously crafted for those new to the world of crystals and eager to explore their mystique and power. Available for a one-time investment of £29.99, this course is your portal to understanding and harnessing the vibrant energies crystals offer.

Masterclass - Manifesting

Dive deep into the art of manifesting and learn the practical steps to achieving tangible results with our founder, Stacey Dudley. Through a specially curated video masterclass, accompanied by an insightful workbook, you'll discover the secrets to turning your dreams into reality. This comprehensive guide is offered for a one-time payment of £33.33, providing you with lifetime access to invaluable strategies and tips.

Free Introduction to Life Coaching Course

Embark on a Soulful Journey to Life Coaching Mastery

Are you drawn to the profound journey of becoming a transformative Life Coach, aiming to navigate the intricacies of guiding others with a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment? If the path to empowering others to uncover their highest selves calls to you, yet the expansive landscape of life coaching seems daunting, we welcome you to a journey designed to enlighten and nurture your calling.

The Clarity Circle Method Life Coach Certification

Are you driven by a deep-seated urge to inspire and impart your passion to others? If you're at a crossroads, seeking a career transformation that not only fulfils you but empowers you to have a substantial positive impact on the lives of others, our Life Coaching course is tailor-made for your aspirations

Clarity Circle IPHM Chakra Balancing Diploma

  • Do you want to discover and understand who you are on a deeper level?
  • Do you want to take back control of your life and the ability to heal what is holding you back?
  • Would you adore helping your clients expand their awareness to create lifelong change for the better?

Have you ever heard the phrase, your thoughts create your reality? Well, your energy dictates how you feel, and then how you feel creates your thoughts...

Our Chakra Balancing Diploma will help you understand the energy centres in your body and how balancing them will create a more mindful you.

Price £199.00

The Clarity Circle Reiki Level 1 Diploma

Are you drawn to energy work but not quite sure where to start? 

Are you looking for something to enhance your business with an energy modality?

Discover how to heal yourself and others with Reiki Energy through our Reiki Level 1 Diploma today!

The Clarity Circle Reiki Level 2 Diploma

Become a Reiki Level 2 Healer with our IPHM Reiki 2 Diploma. 

Dive deeper into topics such as Cho Ku Rei and Distance Healing.

Learn how to create your own Reiki business.

Become a successful Reiki Practioner with The Clarity Circle Method.

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