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The Clarity Circle Method Life Coach Certification

This course beckons those poised to undertake a transformative journey, morphing personal passion into a meaningful career. Through our carefully structured modules, you'll traverse the essence of life coaching, from foundational concepts to sophisticated techniques, ensuring you emerge as a confident, effective coach.

Course Highlights:

  • Module One: Welcome - An initiation into the rewarding world of life coaching.
  • Module Two: Life Coaching - Exploring the fundamental principles and impacts of life coaching.
  • Module Three: Becoming Clear On Your Purpose - Navigating towards clarity in your personal and professional purpose.
  • Module Four: Authenticity - The power of genuine connections in coaching.
  • Module Five: Your Belief System - Understanding the influence of beliefs in coaching styles and client interactions.
  • Module Six: Personal to Professional Development - The journey from personal growth to professional mastery.
  • Module Seven: Know When To Slow Down - Mastering the pace in personal development and coaching.
  • Module Eight: How To Coach Your Clients - Practical strategies for impactful coaching.
  • Module Nine: The Clarity Circle Coaching Method - A comprehensive look at a unique coaching methodology.
  • Module Ten: Becoming A Practitioner - Transitioning from learner to professional coach.
  • Module Eleven: Business Essentials - Key insights for managing a successful coaching business.
  • Module Twelve: Assessment & Graduation - Completing your journey and stepping forward into your new career.
  • Bonus - Guest Experts - Wisdom from leading coaching professionals.
  • Training - Group Coaching - Real-world experience in group coaching dynamics.

Special Offer:

Embark on this journey at an unparalleled offer. Normally priced at £2222, our comprehensive course is currently available for just £555. Additionally, we're providing a flexible 9-month payment plan at £62 per month, making this transformative experience more accessible than ever.

If you're ready to transform your life and the lives around you, our Life Coaching course is your gateway. Seize this opportunity to grow, evolve, and become a catalyst for change in the coaching domain.

Are you prepared to transition your passion into a profession? Enrol now and begin your journey towards becoming a life coach who genuinely makes a difference. Let your passion pave the path to a rewarding career. Sign up today!

14 Modules

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